How to Apply for ATI Courses

ATI courses—like all IMF courses—are for government or central bank officials of IMF member countries. Applications for ATI courses can be made at: where you can also see the course descriptions and deadlines for application.

About two weeks prior to the deadline, ATI sends a reminder email to the Official list of sponsors requesting nominations.

ATI performs a preliminary selection immediately following the application deadline. During this preliminary screening, the following applicants are set aside:

• applicants who have followed training courses held at ATI during the previous six months. These courses may have been organized by ATI, any of the five AFRITACs, or any other institute or center at the premises of ATI;
• applicants who have followed training courses at IMF headquarters in Washington and other IMF Regional Training Centers (RTCs) during the previous six months;
• applicants who have followed the same or similar course anytime in the past;
• applicants who have not submitted their sponsorship forms duly signed by their sponsors and stamped by the relevant official agency;
• applicants who have been sponsored by sponsors who are not part of the ATI Official Sponsor List;
• applicants who are not government or central bank officials; and
• applicants who have not abided by the IMF Code of Conduct when they were participants in previous training courses.

The resultant list and corresponding profiles are then sent to the course coordinator (lead counselor) for final selection.

The course coordinator chooses a list of participants to be invited, according to the following two main criteria:

• the relevance of applicants’ education and past preparatory training; and

• the relevance of the course to the applicants’ current position.

Please note: Since ATI courses are heavily oversubscribed, completion of an IMF online course on the same or a related subject will increase chances of admittance to face-to-face training ( ).

The selected participants are informed by email. Thereafter, administrative procedures are initiated for each selected applicant.