AT16.08 – Macroeconomic Management and Fiscal Policy (MFP), August 22 – September 02, 2016

Course Description:

This two-week course, presented by the IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development, aims at deepening participants’ understanding of fiscal policy issues and their implications for macroeconomic management. It covers the interrelations between fiscal variables and macroeconomic aggregates, and the main aspects of the design and implementation of fiscal policy as an instrument to achieve macroeconomic stability and growth. The course draws on the Fund’s experience in providing fiscal policy advice, on studies undertaken by Fund staff, and on selected research by outside scholars. Topics include: macroeconomic aspects of fiscal policy, such as estimating cyclically-adjusted fiscal balances and the role of automatic stabilizers and discretionary fiscal policy; fiscal sustainability; and structural and institutional fiscal issues such as tax reform and administration, expenditure policy and management, and fiscal rules. Participants are expected to make presentations on key policy issues of interest in their countries.